Win with POP The Fashion Store

We all LOVE a competition, and as blogging and street-style photos are all the rage, this competition is right up our ChicFantastique street.

The prize is this gorgeous Sorrow Blouse (above), worth £120, by the very talented Finnish designer katri/n. But that’s not all…Three other outfits will also be chosen by POP’s owner Kaisa who will be given a 30% discount on anything they buy at POP The Fashion Store.

Here’s what you do…

All you need to do is take a picture of yourself in an outfit that you love and email it to POP The Fashion Store: with your name, age, occupation and a full description of the clothes, shoes and accessories, just like Kaisa does in her own WHERE WHAT…

All photos must be with POP by the end of October. They will all be published on the POP The Fashion Store blog and Facebook page before the winner is randomly chosen by POP’s rather delicious owner, Kaisa.

How would you wear yours?

From POP’s online store, we are lusting after the
Gold Harlow Double Zip clutch by Jane Goodchild
D1 Black Wedges Skin by Finsk



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