Chic Nails with GELeration



I am a confirmed beauty-ista (my take on fashionista) by being addicted to GELeration by Jessica.

My nails are ridiculously brittle, and I suffer with the winter chill, and the skin around my nails gets flaky and screams dehydration.

This is now my second session, having entered into the world of GELeration with a little skepticism. Will it last? Will it ruin my nails? It may not be for everyone, but I think that this is a real beauty winner for me. I am harsh on my hands with digging in the garden, painting and swimming, and for those that know me well, I’m a real hands on creative at the events I produce. So the fact that my first session lasted a full two weeks with one of the nails chipping, but I put this down to me not being precious about opening a box.

Today I went back for my second session just in time for a big weekend ahead of partying, and dress up in costume, and of course for Christmas day. Love it.

Find out more here…

The Body Centre, Clifton in lovely Bristol


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