London Collections: Beards, Alice bands, and bin bags

It was more than a Bradley Wiggins inspired side-burn affair – it was a full on woolly fella from the farm. Yes, it was the Agi&Sam look at this year’s London Collections which has stolen our heart after only day two of the event. Complete with a dog on the catwalk, Agi&Sam styled their collection on the ruby cheeks of the British farmer with a bit of tweed appeal, a spot of bright (almost out of place colour), and yes, even an older man. An older man on the catwalk? This is unheard of, but it looked absolutely appealing.


Let’s hear it for the bearded older chaps of the world – you are fashionable, and we want to see more of you.

It was beautiful blow-dries and Alice bands at the Meadham Kirchhoff show for London Collections. The models posed alongside a deluge of bin bags, and emerged dressed in a mash-up of Edwardian style androgynous PVC. There was the occasional tailored waistcoat and the tip of a handkerchief on display. I enjoyed the Women’s Collection last year, but just couldn’t get into the Men’s, and I really wanted to because I enjoy these two designers very much. I will still be keeping a very close eye on them though. Elle Magazine describes these two as story-tellers, and this is a perfect description.

Watch the video here…MK

A La Disposition did not disappoint. Having familiarised myself their current online collection and of course a look back at previous shows, I knew that there would be high collars and dangerous structure. It’s edgy, raunchy, plays with fire – it could be the costumes for V For Vendetta, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, mashed up with anything Manga inspired. For fear of getting carried away with over the top descriptions, take a look for yourselves, and enjoy.

a_la_disposition_menswear_aw13_003A return to Bros….No, it’s Richard Nicoll’s patterned three-piece suit resembling paint splattering which lead the fanfare as the show came to a close, followed by greys, blues and futuristic metallic. Richard Nicoll is always a firm favourite of mine. Models swanked towards us, as though they were going to burst into a hip-hop dance routine. I loved the casual collars, the suits teamed with sneakers, and the fact that absolutely each piece was individual.

Richard Nicoll


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