A little ode to our Tube – Happy birthday

london tubeAaaah, the London underground system. I love it, most hate it – but we all agree that it is undoubtedly a unique working mode of transport that has taken us from the Victorian era into 2013. In any case, people only hate it if they are running late, or are completely squashed  in a peak time rush to the office, gym or home.

I use the Tube system just about every day as I detest the buses. I know that travelling just about anywhere by London bus for £1 is hard to skip, but I am not feeling the love of our bus drivers of late and their trigger-fingers on the bus doors before you’ve even had time to get on or off. A story for another time!

Marked in history, art and culture, and of course recent tragedy (reference to the terrorist bombings on the 7th of July 2005). Tube life is an eco-system in itself intensified by the characters who use it, abuse it, paint it, play an instrument in it, or even write about it – Tube Tables, 1999.

The London Tube turns 150 this year, and to mark the occasion, you can collect these Royal Mail stamps or use them on your next card or letter – yes, even I still put pen to paper and send across the UK.

royal mail stampsYou know you’re a Londoner when you have an Oyster card attached to you every day of your life.

Today’s Independent features a colourful history of art and culture dedicated to the Tube. Take a look here…


2 thoughts on “A little ode to our Tube – Happy birthday

  1. I too prefer the Tube to the bus, perhaps in part because of the near-guaranteed frequency, regularity and speed of Tube trains. There are so many Tube stations in central London that I have never had to take the bus because there wasn’t a Tube station nearby!

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