What’s in my swim bag

SONY DSCMy all-year-round exercise addiction is swimming in an open-air swimming pool. While the outside temperature is a mere 1 degree centigrade, the water is a cooler than expected 22 degrees centigrade. It’s good for the soul, the mind, the skin.

So what’s in my swim bag?

Firstly, adoration and a little disappointment for my new ASOS black with white piping, frilled halter-neck one-piece. Perfect for pool-side posing and taking baby up and down the lanes only. The clever ruffles is a full skirt and I adjust as I want having the frills barely covering my bottom. However if you are bottom-conscious, you then pull the tummy ruffles down and it becomes a mini dress. Not ideal at all for full-length swimming.

For powering out the laps, I opt for my Summer 2012 find from New Look. A Hawaii surfer print one-piece halter-neck. The frilled bottom is really cute too.

Beauty in the pool:

Always, always a make-up free face, but I use a moisturiser before I dip in, and it’s Liz Earl Daily Essentials.
I shampoo my hair with Label M Treatment Shampoo.
Untangling my locks using a wood comb from the Body Shop.
Umberto Gianni Curl Friends Anti Frizz Serum (Boots ¬£4.99) “Liquid gloss curl enhancer for defined, shiny smooth curls”.
And then I finish with an Oriflame – this is their Anti-Cellulite gel. I rub into thighs and upper arms, and all over my tummy.




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