Photo lessons for eBay and learnings from Selfridges

blurred shoesHot on the heels of the embarrassed eBayer Aimi Jones who “accidentally” posted a photo of a cute yellow sun-dress for sale, along with her fu fu!! Yes, that’s right, you all have a name for it, but none the less, the fu fu was in full view, and it certainly got a fair share of hits and bids.

The blushing eBayer has since taken off the photo and re-photographed the dress. Happy eBaying to her.

Now, did she really not know that the original photo was inappropriate, or was a little bit of a clever marketing ploy? Oooh, I hear you say, how sinister must my mind be? Well, you just don’t know what goes through people’s minds when it comes to selling their wares. Gone are the days of Arthur Daley and rogue traders. Anyone who is a regular eBayer, you will know the strict guidelines associated with placing items for sale.

Recently, I had my own knuckles rapped for saying (like Cath Kidston) in the headline, which you are not allowed to do. My item was promptly removed. But I have such great feedback, that I received a little telling off, with a link to the Ts and Cs, and was then asked to re-list it.

But you can read all the guidelines for yourself. This lesson in eBaying in particular is about the item descriptions and the photographs.

I just can’t believe that sellers randomly, and I mean randomly upload out of focus or dark images and expect a sale.

Think of yourself as a Selfridges counter, where you are beautifully displaying your wares – you give a description, a look a feel, perhaps even a style tip, and then upload a clear, nicely cropped image of your product. Look beyond the affairs, and take note of Mr Selfridge and his dreamy, inspiring counters in his magical store. eBay can be the same, you just have to add some love into what you are doing.

You don’t have to have a fancy camera either – it really is easy. Point, focus, shoot, upload, write, post. Boom – you have a sale! And if you don’t just re-list!

Take a lesson from ASOS Marketplace – it’s all going on there. It’s enticing, it’s smart and snazzy and of course has tapped into what we are loving doing lately and that is snapping our daily style photos.

Happy ebaying!


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