Beating those Monday Blues

Today is Monday 21st of January 2013 – a day where traditionally we are counting every bit of spare cash we have to see us through until our next pay-day; where we are starting to regret some of the sale purchases we made at the start of the month; where perhaps we are even having a career crisis and revising our CV? Are you feeling this readers?

Yes, I am in the final stages of finishing my accounts for Mr VAT, moving money from one account to the next, and yes, there may be one or two purchases that I am slightly regretting. But refusing to get down and sad, I shall embrace this #blueMonday with a few of my favourite things that I wanted to share with you.

Firstly, let’s start with the latest addition to my wardrobe, a vintage, studded denim shirt, slightly over-sized. This was my ASOS Market Place purchase. Today it is worn loose over navy, wool leggings from New Look. On Wednesday I am meeting a new client, and it will be tucked into a fitted skirt.


These were too cute to pass up. Baby GAP have launched a cute range of ‘Peter Rabbit’ inspired clothes, and we just fell in love with these skinny, dot jeans for baby. They are the cutest fit, and reasonably priced. If that wasn’t enough, we just had to have this gorgeous one-piece too. Knit-waist skinny dot jeans - dark indigoIt’s the swearing in of President Obama for the 2nd time in history, and all fashion eyes are on Michelle Obama and this time around, their two stunning daughters. It’s been a #blueMonday field day, as Michelle has predominantly worn shades of blue. This navy dress-coat by Thom Brown is wonderful, and she could not have chosen a better day time outfit for such a global occasion.
Michelle Obama 2

A fabulous new find for me. L2Mae and the designer behind this brand, Debbie Huntley. We will be posting an interview with this designer very shortly, but in the mean time, let’s just take in her stunning designs with this electric blue shift dress from her SS12 collection. Loving the belt!


Quite possibly my favourite place to shop online for cosy PJs and night-time, lounging accessories is Hush. Check out their sale now… Be warned, there’s not a lot left. Hush also do a range of weekender lounging about gear. When friends visit, and it’s time to put on the fire and have a Sunday roast dinner together, this is what you want to be wearing.hush 1

Dreaming of beautiful places? Have you started a coin jar or an ISA with a quirky name of ‘my get-away’? Okay, that’s me. For daily inspiration I subscribe to i-Escapes for wonderful holiday destinations that are categorised to come up with a profile of what you would like to see, do, feel, and where in the world you want to be. I have booked through them for our trip to Italy and France and they found off the radar, beautiful boutique hotels and recommended wonderful things to see and do. Give them a go….they will find what you have always been searching for.

japamala resortThe above image has been taken from the i-Escape website and is the JapaMala Beach Resort, Toiman Island off the coast of Malaysia. Stunning or what!

katy perry#BlueMonday would not be complete without essential blue hair inspired by my current music obsession, Katy Perry.
It’s the purrrrr-fect look from this beautiful lady, who can sing. I was a little late in discovering Katy, but since Russel moved on out, I’ve been fascinated by her on-tour behind the scenes documentary, and I’m hooked. Download now from iTunes and add to your workout tunes.


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