Designer feature: Something for Baby from What Mother Made

Vintage Overalls by What Mother Made and worn by the curious baby.
Vintage Overalls by What Mother Made and worn by the curious baby.
Once upon-a-time, a curious baby wanted to play with everything including her mummy’s camera. The mummy thought it was so cute, that a photo shoot idea was born. Dressing up in the most gorgeous overalls could not have made for a better play time.
I love when my friends recommend clothes and shops and things to do. This is how I met Charlotte Denn who is the talented designer behind What Mother Made. Everything you see on Charlotte’s on-line shop is hand made by herself using vintage fabrics she finds. And the website is delightful. Take a peek here at the wonderful photographs created by stylist, Amie Phillips and photographer Tom Jackson. 
See the button detail on this hand made Pantaloon from What Mother Made.
See the button detail on this hand made Pantaloon from What Mother Made.
Charlotte is completely inspired from vintage shapes and the beauty of how garments were made in a time when make and do was the done thing.
“I will often take inspiration from amazing pieces I find in jumble sales or car boot sales. Fabrics are different because I am limited to modern prints and I love, love vintage prints. I think I have a good eye for picking prints suitable for kiddies that are truly beautiful. My dream would be to make my own printed fabric.”
The Chic baby and I borrowed three pieces from the current collection: A sweet plum tunic dress which is a wool mix. It definitely wasn’t scratchy, just so lovely to wear, warm, and easy to put on.
The vintage floral print pantaloon and dungaree are 100% cotton. The dungaree was a slightly heavier weight, fine needle cord print making it perfect for winter. This is our next little investment piece as we put it to the ‘play’ test and it passed on every level, plus we did coffee out, and we had lots of lovely, sweet compliments.
What Mother MadePlum tunic dress
What Mother Made
Plum tunic dress
 Children and play are magical times, and creating beautiful clothes for children is a dream come true for Charlotte.
“I think the most magical thing about a child is the innocence, yet the ability to know their own mind from day dot!  And it’s magical when I see them in my clothes and they look gorgeous and seem to get so much joy from them.”
So, as you know, when the ChicFantastique team find something we love, we want to give some of that love to you. Until the end of February when your purchase from What Mother Made is over £40, you will get 10% off. All you have to do is use this code at the check out: WMM001. This offer ends midnight on the 28th of February 2013.
 What does the future hold for What Mother Made?
“I would love to grow organically and start selling in some small boutiques – 2013 is a year to step up a gear. I would consider deigning soft furnishings one day to all tie in with the What Mother Made brand.”

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