A life without coffee is…….

014I cannot imagine my life without a daily ritual of coffee drinking. Sometimes an espresso, but mainly a soya latte.

I make a mean soya latte if I do say so myself using beans from the boys at EightPointNine.I’ve just designed my own blend called – ‘Make it a strong one’.

When I am out, if it’s not served with a smile, then there’s no love, and I don’t want it.

Why oh why, if you are working in front of customers, giving a service, and if the customer is nice (me), then why can’t you be nice and smiley back. Embrace your job. You are supposed to be making delicious coffee, not solving the world hunger crisis.

Overly and annoyingly apologetic in general (which my mother always says I should tone down), yet, when it comes to my coffee – I refuse to hold back on telling it how it is. If it’s rubbish, I don’t want it and I’m not paying for it. And I am not going to bother coming back.

A life without coffee is…..unimaginable!

Good coffee hot list:

Boston Tea Party, Bristol

Clifton Lido, Bristol

Grind Coffee Bar, Putney, London

Bills, Covent Garden, London

Zetter Town House, London

Coworth Park Hotel


One thought on “A life without coffee is…….

  1. With you there M when it comes to coffee it has to be full of flavour even if it’s decaf in my
    case. I don’t want a watery one , I don’t want half a cup either! My real bug bear is a leaking caffiterre – it’s a real turn off especially when all the coffee granules come flooding in to my cup.

    Some fabulous places for coffee and Ken laughs at me as always have to have a coffee no matter what town, village or city am visiting
    and if I don’t enjoy I don’t recommend the place 🙂 x

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