Day 1 LFW – Blue skies greet the fashion set

For most, as soon as the curtains fell on New York Fashion Week and the music and dancing finished, it was a quick dash home to pack for London Fashion Week which officially opened yesterday.

It was a delicious day here in London with blue skies and a warm sunshine beaming over the famous tent structure in the middle of Somerset House. It is Manolo Blahnik’s design for this year’s feature wall which attracted the first round of constant snapping of cameras, very quickly followed by a constant stream of street style snaps of the weird, the wonderful and the stylish outfits which entered the main gates.

The line up for registration of fashion and beauty bloggers was fabulous, and set the Twitter world buzzing with questions on whether it was too much to have so many bloggers at an event? Perhaps questionable if seats are being taken up by bloggers when it is the buyers who should take priority. For some shows and designers, it is the latter that is more appealing, but for most, it is a good mix of both that will keep London Fashion Week buzzing, blogging, Tweeting, Instagraming, and Vine-ing alive and very well.

La ChicFantastique started my day with the Inca Production team backstage and then front row for the Zoe Jordan runway collection and then the Kokontozai (KTZ) collection. Two completely contrasting shows – both fabulous, but two ends of the fashion world.

Zoe Jordan gave us a sophisticated palette of wearable clothing designed for every woman. Her words following the show were that she has created an unpretentious, nonchalant fashion with a high-end feel.

And then we embrked on a Samurai Sword, Geisha sensation with KTZ – the weird and the wonderful world where unwearable platforms are teamed with couture coats and bloomers.

From Somerset House to the Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden and an afternoon of off-the-runway shows that were spectacular. A change of clothes for me too. From a silk, slinky skirt to Mango hot pants and a rock-glam look. Back to back shows from Belle Savage to ending my night with indulgent brings and beading from Nova Chiu.

The Runway Collection from Fashion Monitor was and is hot.

It was a delicious moment seeing not one, but two fabulous, fabulous Jill Sander style hats on the head of Orlagh from The Mini Post, and then another on the head of 26 Magazine fashion assistant front row at Nova Chiu. It was a Kodak moment.

Both loved the Jill Sander version so much that they re-created the design themselves.

The Jill Sander version
The Jill Sander version

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