It’s just a T shirt, but will mean a lot

Mary and MarthaI tuned into the BBC the other night and just so happened to find Mary & Martha.

Who watched this?

I persisted through floods of tears as the story of Mary played by Hilary Swank – a mother trying to do the best for her little boy by taking him on a life changing trip to Africa away from a school and society that didn’t really support his learning and bullying was too much. It just all ended in tragedy when he was bitten by a mosquito in Mozambique and died.

The parallel story of Martha played by Brenda Blethyn who’s son leaves England for Africa to teach children in an orphanage. He too met with the same fate, and these two women meet and get each other through their grief. Martha stays at the orphanage to carry on her son’s work, while Mary returns to the USA to fight for education and more funding to supply basic mosquito nets and medicine to prevent or treat malaria.

This film had every element thrown in to tug at the heart strings and it worked for me.

So I bought me and Baby M a red nose day T. It’s the most basic of things we could do, and yes I know that in my fashionista way I go on about how they are designed by Stella McCartney, but in reality, that is a mere drop in the ocean. The purchase of just one of these T shirts will go towards changing the life of a person here in the UK or in Africa.

There are thousands and thousands of you who will run a mile or a marathon, bake, dress up, laugh,
build and more for this fantastic cause. I applaud you – we all applaud you.

Read more about Red Nose Day and what they do here…

Visit the Red Nose Day Shop here…


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