Designer Focus: Dion Lee

Dion Lee 1

Hailed as a firm London Fashion Week must-see, Australian designer Dion Lee is doing everything right.

Australian Fashion Week opens on Monday 8th of April, and Dion Lee will once again burst onto the catwalk with a display of futuristic, super technical, highly desirable and wearable pieces from his forthcoming collection.

An Australian designer will always be traveling. Geographically we are perched so far away from the likes of Milan, Paris, London and New York, and while the gates are permanently open in our own country, we have to constantly knock and ensure we are on that expected guest list over this side of the world. However for Dion Lee, the time has come whereby he is a known fixture here in London and that fashion world will no doubt be his oyster very soon.

His website is a delicious array of pop-media fused with an South East Asian twist. A mini production as much about the design of his clothing as it is the dedication to technology. Lee put his stamp firmly on the fashion and design world last year when he was awarded the International Woolmark Prize for the Australian region.

Read more here about Australian Fashion Week – Should fashion week be the big five?



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