Coffee & Fashion Opinion: PR, Politeness & POP

coffee timeLet us show the fashion world how imperative good PR is. To have the right team on your side, paving the way for press calls, buyers to come flocking, bloggers to fall in love, and consumers to not be able to get enough.

As a discerning fashion and beauty blogger there is nothing more flattering than receiving an invitation from a PR team to attend a press day, experience a private viewing or test out a new product.

The rule I live by is that I respond accordingly to all invites whether relevant or not. Politeness wins the confidence of princes – hmmm, a Chinese proverb? Equally so, we expect the PR to treat the blogger/press world with as much respect and politeness as possible.

Applause goes out to POP PR UK who represent a host of exciting designers including the sensationally flamboyant designer Pam Hogg. In fact their client list is exceptionally impressive. With feminine cuts from Simon Ekrelius to glitzy accessories from MCL and Merle O’GradySoft leather luxury from Emmanuel Katsaros, and exciting design from Bernard Chandran and Nova Chiu.

Earlier this year, Sorapol presented their latest collection which is a glamourous mix of theatrics which seemed exceedingly unwearable at the time. At the POP PR press day I could see the up close and personal ‘costumes’ and wondered how the models wore every creation including the over the top platforms that looked like something designed in a wood-work class.

Nothing breathes life into a brand than a press day. POP PR pulled together a bijou display of this season’s hot happenings from their clients, and arranged visits from bloggers and press over two very full days.

Pam Hogg’s off-runway show with Fashion Monitor in February was pretty much soft-porn that sent the photography pit into a flurry. Hogg’s costumes were on display including the skin-tight ensemble worn by Hogg herself at the close of the show. The models from the English National Ballet sashayed down the catwalk en-p0inte. It was wonderful and exciting.

When I speak with designers they know that they should be investing time and money into good public relations, and it is always the money element holding them back. Finding the right-fit PR agency or team is essential in carrying your brand forward into the public eye, getting buyers and potential investors excited.




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