A party always needs decorations

Party? Oh, we love a good party or shin-dig.

Dress and shoes sorted, a bit of a light tan ordered, eye-brows in shape and a big of a de-tox leading up to the big day. We have to look fresh and party-ready.

If like us you have a pin-board full of Summer invites to soirees, weddings, Christenings, and Mother-In-Law’s 60th, then you know that I can’t help myself when it comes to asking if I can lend a hand with the decor. Any space, big or small, let me get my creative hands on it and help transform it into something pretty.

We are heading out on a river cruise for MIL’s 60th. Such a cool thing to do seeing a city from the water. Buffet sorted, and a nautical feel to the outfits in check. So what about the decor.

MIL loves fuchsia and black and those colours go very nicely together.

I’ve come up with some cute ideas for the buffet table reminding guests that it is her special day. From old fashioned glass jars filled with sweets, to photos of the lovely lady as a baby. I adore ceiling decor and one can never go over the top with some fabulous ideas to fill in the blank space. Always think about what a photo will look like.

Below is a bit of a mood board of what I am planning. Any ideas are more than welcome!

Glenda's mood board



2 thoughts on “A party always needs decorations

  1. Happy birthday to your MIL! I found this awesome idea a while back on Pinterest and worked on it for my FIL’s 50th. Take a large sheet of Bristol paper (for your MIL would be awesome if you could find a fuschia colored sheet). Gather a large number of photographs that feature the lucky birthday person–either as a child, or photos of his/her family, of significant life events, etc. Draw the birthday number as large as you can onto the sheet of paper. You do not need to make any outlines or borders. Use the lines of the number to guide you as you arrange down special pictures of the birthday person. It looks the best when all the photos are in B&W but I had a few color images of his daughter and son (my fiance) and put those in to highlight certain parts of the number 50. When I thought I had it all arranged just right, I pasted them all down. Needless to say, it was a hit at the surprise party. Everyone stood around admiring all the photos and having a good laugh or exchange of conversation over the images. Hope that helps!!

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