Cookie delights & Biscuit Moments with Cookie&Biscuit


Forget choc-chips! Cookie&Biscuit is all about the choc chunk. Spoonfuls of peanut butter, toffee, crispy bits and lemony-lemon zest.

It was a great day indeed for us Brits when Cookie&Biscuit owner and baker Danae Dade graced our shores. New Yorker Danae, set up life and business here in London after a move with her British husband and brand new baby Frankie.

It’s been a business in the making after not only the geographical move but also a move from the fashion world into the equally exciting, but more delicious world of baking. Her treats are all about bringing to life good, old fashion American style cookies using ‘high quality British ingredients’. But Danae won’t forget her fashionable routes and takes inspiration for her packaging and marketing from things she loves including beautiful shoes.

Danae also takes into consideration special diets such as gluten free, sugar free or wheat free, as well as baking cute treats for little ones who need less salt and sugar than us bigger kids.

Danae will deliver treats all over London, so if you are planning a press event, launch party, baby shower, or an afternoon tea with employees or friends, then you must get in touch and place an order. Cookie&Biscuit were the treat du jour at the recent Latte Mama UK press day, and we will be once again oohing and aaahing over her goodies at POP The Fashion Store’s first birthday next Friday 1st of May.

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