Happy Thursday: What’s on your playlist?

vinylMusic is certainly being a considered feature of the catwalk experience.

No sooner does a collection sashay itself down the runway to the chosen tune, and the fashion press are Tweeting out the catwalk playlist for us to download and relive. How many of you downloaded a Kate Bush song or two after the Chanel show SS13? You can tell me…
And we love it. For three to eight minutes of visual and audible delights for the senses. Music is inspiring, creates theatre and drama before our very eyes.

Music is meant to inspire, and give us pleasure, and we can take it as seriously or as nonchalant as we like.
From my urban mash it up mix for my running tunes – yeah, Britney Bi****tch, to the chill out lounges of Ibiza for my magazine reading, and then my Work Days mix that I play to keep myself focused. Well how focused can I be with No Diggity by Blackstreet and Dr. Dre in my life?

If you haven’t already, I challenge you to pull together your own playlist of tunes and indulge in some audible time out.


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