Tiffany’s stunning Great Gatsby: No blood diamonds here

Tiffany's Great Gatsby Art Deco themed jewellery
Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Art Deco themed jewellery

It’s here! The Great Gatsby: In cinemas, in the windows of world famous London store Harrods, hot on the watch-list of movie-goers, party planners, and retailers galore.

With less than a week until the opening of the film in Cannes, Tiffany & Co. has launched a stunning range of Great Gatsby inspired diamond jewellery. But with Leonardo Di Caprio’s staunch eco-conscious ethos, how did Tiffany ensure that there were no blood diamonds amongst this very pretty lot? Remembering that Leonardo starred in Blood Diamonds.

Tiffany & Co. established Laurelton Diamonds in 2002 which is a wholly owned subsidiary that procures rough diamonds and manages their worldwide supply chain that sources, cuts, polishes and supplies finished diamonds to the brand, so the history of each stone is known and traceable at every step of the production process. What’s more, the Tiffany & Co. Social Accountability Program upholds strict standards of quality, environmental and social responsibility, and the company aims to economically develop the areas in which they do business. This is all outlined in a section of their website.

tiffany 2Images care of Tiffany & Co.



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