Ballet, Fitness and Fashion. The perfect work out

We all want to look like this… right?

Sleek bodiesWhile a lot of my gorgeous buddies are slogging it out in front of the TV with the ‘Insanity’ craze, I’m taking things a little easier, but still feeling substantial results. This, my friends is Sleek Technique – a selection of online dance classes based on ballet barre moves. You can choose a ‘blast’ of 20 or 30 minutes or something a little longer.

Sleek Technique offers a range of live and downloadable classes all presented online. And while I am a fan of the gym and working up a sweat, Sleek works best for me because I work from home. I can book into a class or download a session just about any time of day and  do my workout, then get back into work. Sleek is my new little addiction that keeps me motivated and feeling alive.

The workouts are prepared and presented by Sleek team Flik Swan and Victoria Marr. Both of which are professional ballet dancers, with Victoria just finishing a season as Giselle with the Birmingham Royal Ballet company in the lead role. Sleek went live in February 2013, and it is proving its weight in gold as the classes have caught the eye of some industry heavy weights who are saying how revolutionary the concept is becoming.

Vik and flikSleek Technique is working out from home in an online environment under the watchful eye of Flik or Victoria who will guide you through their classes and get you toned, slender and SLEEK. Download a free trial class here…

Victoria MarrVictoria Marr with the Birmingham Royal Ballet’s season of Giselle.


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