Lilly & Bill’s Very Clifton Adventure

Aaahh, the babe and I have just returned from our morning mooch in the delightful Clifton Village. Cobbled streets, the occasional antique shop, cute gift shops on most corners, coffee shops and cafes, delis, butchers, Reg the Veg (as he is quite taken with the babe and her love of apples, peaches and strawberries).

Clifton Village is an area which has stood the test of time and while trying to retain its historical charm, really could do with a few repairs here and there, perhaps a cull on the amount of vehicles coming in and out, and it certainly hasn’t escaped the Tesco or Sainsburys monopoly.

We have found this tres cool online production from Clifton Village TV and it is all about Lilly & Bill (the Toucan) who have daily adventures with their friends and family out and about in… Clifton Village. Well, as we are there daily, we feel it is loosely based on Clifton Village.

Has someone got too much time on their hands? Or, is this going to be a great piece of interactive education for the little ones?

Take a look at Lilly & Bill’s ballet class. The animation is fun, and Lilly’s tantrum at the end of her class is a picture.

clifton village tv



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