Think Human, Drink Fair – Fair Spirits

fair tradeMy favourite time of year. The British summer time celebrated in gardens and on terraces across the UK.

And like any great summer time, the cocktail is an essential part of celebrating these long, lazy, sun-filled days.

Cocktail time is now ethical with the launch of Fair Spirits, a Fair Trade Vodka made using Quinoa (that grain that no-one in the world pronounces correctly the first time around). Or a rich rum made on Fair Trade sugar cane from Belize. So now you can sip delightfully on your Vodka or Rum based cocktails and know it’s been produced responsibly. We always like to know that everyone involved is happy.

Fair Spirits is working with Parisian club La Barcaza hosting gorgeous cocktail events on board a boat on La Seine.

Cheers everyone!

Vodka tasting notes:
“Very smooth, fruity, spicy vodka that will shine with a nice chill or in martinis”

Rum tasting notes:
“An exceptional round and smooth rum that can be enjoyed over ice or in your favourite rum cocktail”




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