The Thinking Woman’s Top 3

You’re powering up the career ladder. Feeling smug and in control of finances, your home and your wardrobe. You want to keep your body and mind in shape, and feel like you can pick and choose your social engagements.

Who is this person? Super Woman on steroids?

It can all be done with some help from these cool finds which I have titled, the thinking woman’s top 3. Of course if you just want to hide under the duvet for a day or two and scoff some chocolate, that is perfectly acceptable too.

Attracting the interesting and the influential, online sensation Sleek Technique is at home, or on the go ballet barre programme carefully put together and under the watchful eye of Vik and Flik. Download your free live lesson here and perhaps bump into one or two of your Twitter followers or a  handbag designer you are adoring (reference to Melanie Mueller behind handbag label Mel Boteri).

Vik and flik

Embarking on day 5 of my six week nutrition plan, I’m feeling leaner and a little less flabby around the tum. Thanks to professional personal trainer, fitness instructor, and luxury sportswear designer Charli Cohen. The six week eating programme, combined with Sleek Technique, swim sessions at the Clifton Lido, and help from Charli with calorie intake and daily strength/resistance exercise, I’m on track to being stronger and fitter than ever. I just need to hide the chocolate and the Nutella!

Charli releases her second collection under her luxury sportswear label at the end of July 2013. Watch this space for snippets from the new collection.

Charli Cohen

I’m not ruling out Botox, Fillers or something a little nip and tuck-ish, but until that point, there is Collagen Shots. This is a drink which is taken before bedtime, and full of marine extract and that wonderful super skin food that the Brazilians go crazy for, the Acai Berry. Along with Vitamins C and B – you are laughing. Laughing all the way past the beauty clinic when after a solid three months of intake, you will have nourished, firm and hydrated skin. This product works, and not only is my skin feeling alive and clear, my eyes are clear, my hormones feel settled, and any break-out I may get is at bay. Read my review in full here… 


ChicFantastique skin care of Collagen Shots.
Photo taken on a sunny day in Cornwall, June 2013.


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