Charli Cohen #VIS Collection: Fashion is a Global business

Charli Lookbook 1

Emerging British design talent, Charli Cohen’s bold entrance into the luxury sportswear market is a brave and well planned move, and is certainly getting the attention of those in the fashion-know.

It was inevitable that this clever designer would keep herself focused in the fitness industry not only launching a range of desirable key pieces, but also designing bespoke fitness and nutrition plans for an equally desirable clientele.

Charli Lookbook 2

 Amplify Parka, Amplify Hoodie, Voltage Trackpant: CC Look-book 2013

Coinciding with the launch of Charli’s second collection, is a beautiful electronic and printed look-book, as well as a show taking place at a Chelsea address in London tomorrow night (Friday 19th of July 2013).

The VIS Collection bridges the gap between sportswear and ready-to-wear, throwing effortless, over-sized outerwear pieces over second-skin technical base-layers. Combining a statement design with performance driven function, the garments are “inspired by the inner toughness of the woman who wears them.”

Charli, like a lot of emerging talent understands the ups and downs of designing and manufacturing (within Britain), and the complexities of keeping a business sustainable with very little income. Hence a new designer putting on a show of this magnitude is difficult. However for the launch of Charli’s second collection she has brought together an exceptionally talented team of people who believe in her and her brand.

“The level of support I’ve received from friends and strangers alike has been overwhelming. Whether it’s a great team I’m working with or simply kind words from afar, this encouragement gets me though the trials and tribulations of running a fashion label”, says Charli.
“Manufacturing my collection in the UK allows me to maintain control over both the quality and the accurate realisation of my designs. I’m also keen to support local industry – fashion manufacture is slowly but surely picking up again in the Britain and it’s nice to know I can contribute to that in some small way.”

Charli Lookbook 3Dynamo Bra, Laser Capri: CC Look-book 2013

It’s an amazing boost for any new and emerging design talent to have such support which will help propel them into the limelight – for want of a better word. But it’s about recognition from all the ‘right’ quarters – from the buyers to the fashion press including bloggers who are holding significant online presence when it comes to fashion talent spotting across the globe.
Fashion is a global business!

Charli Lookbook 4


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