Baby & Me with Evian

As chosen by the babe who giggled her head off. I bet you play this over and over again…

The Evian dancing babies are back… but this time, it just gets a whole lot cuter. After one week, “Baby & Me” received over 40 million views and 150 thousand likes, making Evian the most talked about H2O in years. This advert was released in April 2013.

evian post

It was reported in Adweek that Evian has connected the benefits and powers of water to the message of their advertisements using a comedic tone and the dance skills of toddlers.

Water, the No. 1 source of hydration and the key to a more youthful presence is just part of Evian’s strategic plan for developing advertisements that reflect adults looking more youthful (?). Drinking any water is always going to do your body good, whatever age. But it is the pH-neutral mineral composition that is particularly beneficial when choosing your bottled water, and this is what Evian is all  about.


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