The power of water: Lido…love…life

Just Do Nothing
Just Do Nothing

Today, we are delighted to share with you the new film created by the very talented JonesMillbank production team for the Lido here in Bristol.

The babe and I joined the Lido in December and have been swimming in snow, rain, and brilliant sunshine. We, along with hundreds of others find the benefits of bathing to be enriching, enchanting, and the most relaxing start or end to our day. 

I sit in the sauna or hot tub and it’s so easy to start a conversation with someone…anyone. Comment is made about the stunning oasis in the centre of probably one of the most crowded areas of Clifton where lovely Victorian terraces almost sit on top of one another. Tucked away is an incredible space which has been transformed into a splendid attraction offering clean outdoor swimming, great food, wonderful soya latte, and dreamy, holistic treatments.

The new Lido film titled, Just Do Nothing is a montage of images telling the story of a typical day in the life of what to expect when you visit. Narrated by Lido owner Arne Ringer, who is responsible for bringing love and life into this tremendous wonder, you will want to visit the Lido and just do nothing over and over again!

Babycino post swim
Babycino post swim



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