Welcome to the world, Prince George Alexander Louis

coffee time

Barely a week old, and newest member of our Royal family, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge has sent the happy, blissful retail world of parent and baby into a spin.

From the exclusive one-of-a-kind Jenny Packham spotted tea-dress (which is not for sale, gorgeous mamas), to a frenzy of PR companies sending us lovely bloggers exclusive mama/baby offers and press releases with gorgeous gifts and clothes for new borns to our inboxes. My inbox has never been so full. This is by no means a complaint.

This super cute mini Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George set is making its way to the CF household as I type… Available online at Early Learning Centre.

royal baby

Will or won’t Kate breastfeed? Well, the answer is yes, according to a statement issued by the Palace, Prince George is a very hungry little bub and Kate has ‘successfully’ taken to breastfeeding the little Prince. It’s fair to say that breastfeeding is not easy, and while the ChicFantastique household tried, it failed. One week of breastfeeding and then a move to the bottle which was welcomed by my own very hungry bub and by me, on the brink of a breakdown.

But what post-maternity fashion will Kate be wearing? The waiting list for the Seraphine maternity dress is at least a month, and I’m hearing that the Bibee dresses are so popular there is fear of the site crashing.

An online site that has caught my fashionable eye today is luxury label Keungzai. Their range of maternity and post-maternity outfits are gorgeous. Easy to wear pieces with flattering and functional cuts. This would have to be my pick of the day – the luxe drape dress in a burnt orange. Super elegant, and on sale right now.


Tummy and boobs continue to be delicate post pregnancy, and getting back into exercise was pretty easy for me, but it did take more than a year to get back in shape and feel confident about wearing clothes that were a little more fitted to my shape. Dresses like this drape dress are worth their weight in gold, and it makes you feel good. Any new mum does want to feel good about themselves and what they are wearing.

And who will score a playdate with the little Prince? Well, there is host of celebrity babies in waiting and no doubt Harper Beckham is on that playdate list. But there are endless parent/baby activities which I am sure Kate and William will want to indulge in and meet other mums and dads and let Prince George be around other children.

We enrolled in classical baby music, baby French, baby massage, and mummy-baby yoga which is all available under the one roof at Cupcake Mum in South West London. Imagine if the Duchess were to become and yummy Cupcake mum? Oooh, potential squeals… but I am in fear of starting a rumour.

The best place for parent-baby things to see and do has to be West London Mum who are a wonderful leader in pulling in the best of the best when it comes to where to be, what to wear and what’s hot when it comes to being a kid! West London Mum…

Obviously not everyone is in London, and there will be a host of clubs and baby activity websites to find in your area.

The next thing we will be doing is baby ballet. Watch this space at Mini CF dons the tutu and hits the dance floor. Goodness gracious me!

What a wonderful and exciting time to be a parent, and a baby!


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