Fashion & opinion: Luxury. Use it wisely

luxury is

It’s simple word association, and perhaps for fashion to survive, then the word ‘luxury’ has to be associated with it in order to make it attractive and sustainable? But my question of the day is, how luxury is luxury? Do we really know what to look for in a ‘luxury’ product?

Once-upon-a-time a luxury good was a beautifully crafted piece. timeless in quality and prestigious in its appeal. Created by artisans with antennae for incomparable quality.

Today, in a land paved with reality TV, where we’ve traded in hard-earned cash for credit card-carrying ways, where we can get our hands on pretty much anything we want – the true meaning of luxury has been lost.

Should the word ‘affordable’ even be in the same sentence as the word ‘luxury’?

And what about ‘luxury for less’? What is the ‘less’ referring to? Less quality, or less expense?

Is a luxury designer someone from the TOWIE cast?

Just a few questions I pose in my mind when I hear about a new ‘luxury’ designer or brand. Luxury by word association with fashion and lifestyle goods is aimed at producing high sales and possibly losing the personal touches expected from a true luxury product. For example ‘thank you’ notes from the Tiffany’s sales person, and sumptuous packaging that goes along with a high-end product which Net-A-Porter has adopted so well as a part of their consumer experience.

Just as much as the word ‘luxury’ has become common place, our general recognition of fine goods has matured considerably over the past decade, with younger audiences engaging with traditional ‘luxury’ goods such as Louis Vuitton. Our overall perception of luxury is synonymous with flawless craftsmanship using only the finest materials, and of course a high price tag.

While the word luxury still very much exists, perhaps when writing about high-end products we can consider using words such as ‘contemporary’ or ‘premium’. For most of us though luxury means something that is rare and unique – time on our own, an afternoon nap, finishing a magazine from cover to cover – a little luxury that brings us happiness and joy.



3 thoughts on “Fashion & opinion: Luxury. Use it wisely

  1. I agree, too many people associate luxury with a price tag. I would even say that quality and luxury are assumed by a high price tag, very few people question it.

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