The Library: Fitness & Intelligence Collusion

I am sure the title of this piece has you intrigued.

It’s Notting Hill’s best kept secret and for those that are time poor, but cash-rich, of course it will remain a secret within certain circles.

This is The Library, a new concept in lifestyle fitness for those who crave a beautiful environment and a hint of intellect.

This is the latest boutique gym to open and is owned by fitness expert Zana Morris. The Library is a part of the educogym concept where there is a fitness and intelligence collusion. The result? Short, intensive workouts that are sustainable.

The Library

The Zana Morris 6 Minute Workout

This is the latest in our fitness finds.


2 thoughts on “The Library: Fitness & Intelligence Collusion

  1. Going to the gym is one of the hardest things for me to fit in my day because it takes so much time. On top of the workout you have the drive there and changing before and after, before you know it you spent three hours at the gym and only an hour working out! This sounds like a great idea!

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