Digital. Where do we go from here


Today, we are all our own directors, sound technicians, script writers and audience.

Today is a digital age that has catapulted to heights of what was once only a dream. Yet to stop and take heed, one will become overwhelmed with just how much our life has become captured on film. In an instant we can create a picture or video that can be uploaded from our mobile.

Brands soon realised the power of digital. From clever and emotive film campaigns by the likes of Dior to the more elaborate use of technology by Burberry with their in-store screens beaming original content and the clever ability to trigger a catwalk presentation of a particular garment just by touch.

It is all about encouraging a consumer to spend.

This is a sensory explosion which has us transfixed. But what are the boundaries when it comes to heritage, craftsmanship and this technical age?

Well I don’t think there should be any boundaries. This technical revolution can be justified as another art form or another way to communicate to the masses. Art and fashion have, and always will co-exist, collude and collaborate.

Live streaming and Google Glass are examples of how technology has allowed us to be a part of something that we could only dream about. 

Of course there is no greater industry in which to engage the digital world with than  fashion and creative arts. You see there is nothing more emotive than the fashion and lifestyle industry and the appeal to consumers by giving them aspirational and inspirational experiences.

Let me leave you with one of my favourite digital presentations to date. 25 Dresses, commissioned by the British Fashion Council


4 thoughts on “Digital. Where do we go from here

  1. I love your perspective. Fashion is without a doubt an art form and with the addition of digital media fashion has become more exciting than ever in so many different ways, in some cases, almost fantasy like.

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