A Simple Popularity Contest?

Sources of funding for our new design generation are in abundance, yet at the same time very limiting once you read through the requirements in order to qualify. You would say, a chicken and egg situation.

So, when competitions come along specific to the fashion design industry and there is prize money at stake, then it’s an opportunity too good not to join in. And yes, a lot of these competitions with the backing of popular, glossy magazines make the ‘casting your vote’ as much a popularity contest as say, X-Factor.

The winner receiving money that can help towards the production of their next collection, or soon get swallowed up in paying off old bills, or paying essential utility bills and buying food. It’s sad, but very true.

Competition prize money can be looked at as an investment opportunity and possibly pay for in full, or go towards something like a pop up experience/shop allowing you, as a designer to have visibility, generate press, create customer loyalty and more.

Two of our girls have entered the Stylist/Triumph supporting Women in Making competition with the winner receiving funds, and business mentoring. The women behind the mentoring collective include Paloma Faith, Gizzi Erskine (one of my favourites), Roksanda Ilinicic and Grace Woodward.

Cast your vote here of our girls, Charli Cohen and Iwona Majdan. Stunning designs, wonderful girls, and part of the Michaela Deasy Collective.

my girls



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