Bedtime antics with Atticus and Gilda

There’s no such thing as bedtime trauma in this household. In fact we all love our sleep so much that we dress especially for it.

The babe even puts herself to bed. So with a spritz of lavender on our pillow care of Abahna, a hot bath infused with promises of relaxing oils, we love nothing more than slipping into our PJs.

Tonight, the babe wears 100% cotton vintage style bedwear from the gorgeous and talented team from Atticus and Gilda.


Easy to wear, move around in, have essential pre bed playtime and this two piece looks adorable. It really suits her. With cute detail such as a bow on the hem of the bloomers and easy to do up buttons, this makes a fabulous gift for an adorable girl or boy.


Here’s our gift to you. For the month of October, Atticus and Gilda are giving YOU 15% when you order from their gorgeous range. All you have to do is use this code at checkout…. CHIC.
Shop here…


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