What is #theCCeffect : Crowdfunding project Day 5

30 days 30K

As we enter day 5 of our Crowdfunding project through Kickstarter, Charli Cohen is well on her way to achieving £30K in 30 days, but we need your help.

Become part of something special and help support one-to-watch, hottest young British design talent Charli Cohen.

Charli is a luxury sportwear designer who launched her first collection this Summer and has burst onto the fashion and sporting scene and embraced by fitness and fashion ambassadors and celebrities alike.

Over its 30 days #theCCeffect Kickstarter campaign allows people to shop the full limited edition Charli Cohen range, special Kickstarter exclusives, VIP event tickets and creative Christmas gifts. “Every single purchase goes towards raising the £30,000 target for the pop-up shop to go ahead”, says Charli.

Crowdfunding has become a reputable investment platform suited to creatives and entrepreneurs wanting to raise funds for a specific project. When the banks aren’t an alternative, and when larger investors want too much of a stake in a company, Crowdfunding is proving a fantastic way of raising funds, and getting global exposure for a brand or designer. We have chosen Kickstarter above other Crowdfunding portals on this occasions because it fits best with the fashion/creative format and audience we wish to attract.

Kickstarter will launch in Australia on 13th of November 2013 – get involved, and follow our project to see how it works – #theCCeffect.

Your help can be from as little at £5 or $8 Aussie Dollars, $8 American dollars, 5.00000 AED… you get the gist – this is a global project and we need YOU. Support and follow our progress here… http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/charlicohen/the-cc-effect-technical-sportswear-gets-luxe

Read latest press here…

IFA Magazine: http://www.ifamagazine.com/review/gorillas-to-sportswear-crowdfunding-in-action-286333

Grazia Daily: http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/beauty/product/fashion-designer-and-personal-trainer-charli-cohens-top-tips-for-working-out-in-the-winter

Amy Abrahams from Glamour Blog writes: “Style doesn’t compromise function and vice versa – this is a collection made for working out, getting sweaty, and staying cool (literally and sartorially). But it’s also chic enough that you’ll want to wear it on days off, too.”


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