She did it: the Charli Cohen brand sets the pace


It has been a long, hard, interesting and rewarding 30 day challenge.

Just to recap in case you’re not totally over indulged with the term crowd funding coming from my social media lips. We launched #theCCeffect project through Kickstarter to raise finance towards a pop up experience in London where guests to get the full brand story so far-try before you buy and pre order from the existing VIS14 COLLECTION.

Day 1 to 29 were electric and then finally day 30. Tears, emotion, sweat and mugs of tea to calm our nerves. We did it…in fact we over did it. We set target at £30,000 in 30 days. We raised with your help a total of £33,700.

It’s certainly made a few people sit up and take notice, and this project has set a benchmark for other campaigns we initiate.

With the right amount of financial support and mentoring, the Charli Cohen brand is only going to go from strength to strength.

Look out for events in February and March 2014, as well as the January glossies… And potentially the BIG FIVE stockists.


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