If you look good, you’ll work out harder?

Has your workout gear seen better days?

Do you just grab any old thing and go for a run?

Are those Nike leggings older than you?

Wearing the right, supportive bra and being fitted for decent trainers for running or gym based exercise is important. We all know this, but there’s a new mantra we are all chanting and that’s… Wear gear that looks great and we’ll workout harder and get those results.

The wonderful Caroline Issa mentioned our gal Charli Cohen in her article in the Telegraph, and she has it spot on. Here’s the extract…

Thankfully, there’s also a boom in great looking exercise gear – while many established retailers are ramping up their “activewear” category, there’s a new crop of young, independent brands like Charli Cohen and Lucas Hugh (the designers behind the elegant sporting uniform costumes for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film) whose designs bring an element of the runway to the gym. Perfect for keeping me interested while I work my butt off to make sure I am in the best possible shape when those spring pieces land in store.

Full article is here…The Real Spin Doctors

Charli’s new collection is launching soon, and it’s wonderful. Follow her Instagram for possible sneaky peeks….search for CharliCohen.



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