The face oil I can’t do without

I’ve been using a facial oil as a moisturiser and skin refresher for five years. I have sensitive skin so always take care with how I cleanse and rehydrate.

A facial oil won’t cause blemishes and won’t create excess oil on your skin. It will absorb beautifully and the best results is when the oil is massaged into your fave after a warm cleanse.

I am loving Suti. An organic range of beauty products made entirely in England.

Ethically and sustainably sourced using certified organic ingredients, Suti creates balms and oils.

Suti is certified by the Soil Association and is not tested on animals.

La ChicFantastique way…before I head into the steam room at The Lido I do a cleanse, massage in my Suti face oil and hit the steam room. Super smooth skin. I head home make-up free and hit the sack and wake the following morning with radiant skin.

Get yours here…


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