Arrrgh Winter Hands: Paw Paw ointment to the rescue

Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment

paw paw

It’s Winter here in the UK, and all I am dreaming of day in and day out is the heat of my homeland.

Not the bush fire type heat – no, just the usual Aussie Summer. Instead I have a little piece of home in my handbag every day during Winter. It’s CoCo Island Paw Paw cream care of my mum. 

Mrs CF senior swears by this for dry, chaffed or irritated skin during the heat or the cold. I suffer with dry, cracked skin on my fingers, and this is a daily saviour and it has a little Manuka Honey in the formula and that has to be very good for you, right?
I also rub into my heels before sleep time. And like all good ointments, you can use on lips, baby bottoms, elbows and other dry skin… you name it.


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