Winter Hair Beauty

Winter beauty: Glossy lock revival with Ojon Rare Blend Hair Oil
Sleep deprived due to head cold and travel, it’s not enough that I’m looking a little drained, but to also have floppy, horrible hair…no, no, no, no! You see the beauty of clever, smart make-up (like a smart phone) is that it will do all the work for you and hide imperfections and keep your confidence high when energy is low. But there are only so many days that you can keep hair swept up in a ballerina bun, or tied back if it has been attacked by the chilly winter air.

Bring on Ojon Rare Bland Oil Total Hair Therapy available in Boots – you really do just add a drop to the palm of your hands, rub into damp hair post conditioner, and leave. Then you can style however you like. At the moment, I’m not using a blow dry, I’m just leaving it natural. Love this product!ojon


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