Best bag EVER!

You know I travel a lot. You know there is a gorgeous baby in my life, and that the two often collide either perfectly, or go a little pear-shaped depending on where in the world I need to be. So to fit everything in one bag for baby, mummy, ME and work that will sling over my shoulder and look amazing, I invested in a little known designer set to rock the fashion accessories world – Hayley Miller.

Lilly bag

Expect very big things with Hayley’s new capsule SS15 collection debuting later this year. In the mean time, get your hands on this little beauty called the ‘Lilly’. It is rocking my world from the UK to the South of France. It fits all my tech, essential travel beauty, bottled water, baby bottle, snacks, sunnies x 2, wool wrap, nappies, baby wipes which double as make up removing wipes, passports in the easy-to-get-to inside zip.

The Lilly is available exclusively through the uber-cool mummy-baby clothing and accessories site, LatteMamaUK priced at £95 and genuine hand-crafted leather, this is the best bag EVER!


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