St Ermins Hotel: Design, bees and a fabulous chandelier

This hotel had me in awe at the Vivienne Westwood wallpaper. And then they told me they kept bees – real bees that produce St Ermins’ own honey. And then I find out that they host tea-tasting events. 

St Ermins Hotel

This hotel just gets better and better for me. The eclectic mix of very British prints and ornaments; the 6foot tear-drop chandelier in the entrance, the perfectly positioned balcony for Summer party nights, the fabulous ballrooms, and the history that surrounds the location of the hotel… a firm favourite with Churchill and his cabinet in the day.

A very special thank you to the St Ermins Hotel team who let me use their hotel for meeting my clients, sip tea (fresh mint tea) as I catch up on emails, and day-dream while staring at the marble and crystal getting inspired with ideas.

Check out their special offers and events…
Or book a room for some well deserved R&R…


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