Paleo Chocolate Mousse

You only need two ingredients! Only two ingredients? For your first time, yes. But as you get more confident you’ll want to experiment with the flavour.

All you need is coconut milk and dark chocolate. It’s pure food magic because everything is liquid and then after a few hours in the fridge it turns to mousse.

This recipe is a part of the paleo diet. And is gluten free and dairy free.

Simply open a can… Nothing fancy of coconut milk (cooled down in the fridge).

100g dark chocolate (I used 85% cocoa).

1 tablespoon cocoa powder.

A pinch of salt and two tablespoons of maple syrup.

I’m making salted caramel flavour…. Mmmmmmmmm.


Pour coconut milk into a bowl, add sugar and beat it for around 5 minutes until it gets a little bit stiffer and with little bubbles (it will be still liquid though!). Put it back to the fridge.

Melt chocolate. Add salt and syrup to the melted chocolate and stir through.
Add chocolate to coconut mix and fold through very well.

Put back in the fridge and let the magic happen.


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