Travels: mountain views in the South of France

Breathtaking views of mountainous vistas from pretty villages perched high on the hills behind the typical Cote d’Azure.

Between Monaco and Menton is one of our favourites called Peille. The drive is spectacular; almost a little hair raising. Oh to have a Porsche for the drive. The narrowest of streets, cobbled and intriguing. Who lives here and what do they do? We visit in the dead of Winter and the hottest of September’s.

We simply mooch and I’ve taken a hundred photos or more of the same terracotta roof tops and playground where the babe squeals with joy going head first down the slide. Where else can you have a  playground with an amazing view?

And after our mooch, we settle at the crêperie for rose, espresso and of course crepes for Mr and the babe.


The oldest building in the village dates to the fourteenth century.


Look up, and look down. Photo opportunities from every angle.


The best and highest playground.


The crepes with coconut ice cream, Chantilly cream, Nutella and shavings of coconut for good measure. Made to order and eaten in full by Mr and the babe.

No English is spoken. Only French so my skills are put to the test. Previous years it’s simply to order our wine and our food and exchange pleasantries.

These days because we are regulars I have to listen and quickly think of French for “see you in December”, ” she’s nearly three”, and ‘I get told she looks like me a lot”.

Peille is located about 45 minutes from Nice and about 20 minutes from Monaco. It’s a very pleasant drive which sees you winding around hair-pin bends as you twist and turn your way to the top.


5 thoughts on “Travels: mountain views in the South of France

  1. That looks so stunning, I might possibly be going to the south of France in April, and after reading this, I’d love to visit Peille, it looks so charming! Where do you stay while there?

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