Food right now: figs

Figs are hot right now here in the South of France. The trees are bursting from late July through until the end of October.

Ripe, juicy and honey-like in flavour, and also a little sexual. Perfect for desserts and savoury – tres impress!

I make fig compote for my porridge, fig crumble to entertain friends, and fig & mozzarella salad for September Al fresco lunches (with rosé).


Twist, and the ripe figs come away so easily. The giant leaves are sweetly scented and dry beautifully when laid between heavy books. 


I sweeten my figs with Sanremo honey purchased from the markets.


Liberty celebrates Diptyque’s most popular perfume of fig-scented candles and perfumes, Figuier and Philosykos. (From August 2014 blog).


3 thoughts on “Food right now: figs

  1. I am so jealous. I can almost taste the figs reading this post. Unfortunately I can’t eat them anymore because I’ve developed an allergy to them. 😢

      1. Funnily enough I can eat all the fruit that causes the allergic reaction if I cook it. I miss the raw versions though.

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