Freelance Mum: Letter to say I am doing okay.

SONY DSCTaking time to live my life, only inspires my work. Well, well, well, it’s late night musings, following swapping a few hours of daylight to do yoga and a swim, I am back at the laptop catching up, finishing up, tidying up, banking, checking in, renewing and emailing friends. Work complete (for the moment), and I am left wondering, is this all there is… to life that is? Where is my fairytale ending? When does that recliner chair arrive; the one that I get to sit down in and put my feet up for the remainder of my life?

After celebrating eight years of marriage this past week, there again, you can never rest on your laurels with relationships – be it husband, friends, and loved ones. Everyone needs to be told they are being thought of; to write a card and actually post it. To pick up the phone to simply say ‘hi’ and share a giggle. It’s about remembering to set time aside for others.

I chose this picture of me and Mariella when she was about six months old, because it sums up our life on the freelance trail together. Wherever the work has taken me, this little pumkin-head is never far behind, beside, or in front of me. Becoming a mother has inspired and spurred me on even more than before. Driven, determined, but also with a tendency to shut down the laptop, put the mobile phone down, and go and play tea parties, or sit and watch Thumbelina over and over again. (It is a very good movie.)

But is this it? Time is ticking. Pension to consider, travel, buying a house, settling somewhere. Being able to provide anything Mariella needs and wants. Well, I think the key is in that last statement – being able to provide. And in order to provide, one must continue to work, earn decent money and feel valued.

For the moment, there is no delivery truck arriving with my recliner chair. So instead I continue to challenge myself with new and existing projects, meet new and interesting people, and keep relationships alive and burning. The luxury I have is to take the time to live my life and turn that fairytale ending into reality.

Support is out there for freelance mums in the form of FREELANCE MUMS – a very cool community of tips and information, uber connections and stories.


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