The last word. From this wordSmith

Nothing says it better.


Incandescent with rage.


When you’re lost for words, through the sheer lack of imagination, talent, personality, or just fucking stupidity of some people, then this word is just perfect. Not to be confused with simply ‘life stuff’ – that life stuff is when you open your fizzy water and it spurts out. Your car won’t start, or the bus doesn’t turn up, you’ve over-spent this month, or the jack-hammer nearly caves the roof in (yes, that is my little Friday afternoon for you). Nah, this is just hassle and simple life stuff.

Incandescent is the indescribably emotion that someone who is so thoughtless, so stupid, so blindly unable to show their own talent – this is when you are left incandescent.

A gift from me to you. Use it wisely!

incandescent image


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