La Chic Beauty Tips

Sunday 15th March is Mother’s Day. As we celebrate being a mum and our own mums, I look back on the wonderful beauty advice and good skin tips I picked up from my mum and my grandmother.

When I was a little girl, I always saw a bottle of ‘Oil of Ulay’ on the dresser. The fluid was so light and rosey pink. I think I started to try it out on my cheeks when I was 5 or 6. Of course we now know Oil of Ulay as simply ‘Olay’. But the ‘Oil of Ulay’ moisturiser was a part of my life for so many years. Today I love using Olay Regenerist Age Defying Kit.

I think I had my first spot at 16 and was introduced to Tea Tree, and growing up in Australia we always had aloe vera growing in our garden. Perfect for cooling sunburn and de-flaming an angry spot the day before a swim carnival or school disco.

I started experimenting with spot treatments and discovered toothpaste would dry it out, aloe vera would reduce the redness, and sea kelp would keep my skin clear.

University brought stress, more spots, long nights, discovery of coffee and not eating very much. Bad make up mistakes – far too much for a start.

Throughout my entire life, good dental care has been driven into me by my mother. I had braces for what seemed like years from 13 to 15. I brush with precision, floss with care and see a hygienist once a year. I do have an obsession with tooth whitening treatments, and love Blanx from Italy. 

I’ve been through long-lasting base, mousse-like cleansers, lip stains, cheek stains, over-plucked brows, ‘Cara’ inspired brows, hair oils and masques, massages, acupuncture, salt scrubs and more.

Then came pregnancy where my skin glowed, my nails were model-like, my hair glistened, my eyes sparkled.

So, as my tribute to Mother’s Day, here are my little beauty tips based on what mother used to say:

Sleep. It is as important as mum used to say, and the experts. Getting quality sleep is great for the skin, overall wellbeing, and mental health. Cut the stimulants – I don’t drink coffee, wine or eat chocolate within two hours of going to bed. Ditch the tech. No gadgets in the bedroom or using them close to bed time either. I have been trialing Sprayable Sleep from a US based company.

Lavender. I’m obsessed with lavender in my bath, droplets on my pillow and in my body cream. Sleeping like a baby. Dried French lavender sits on my dresser reminding me of our days in the South of France. Adoring products from Holistic Silk – especially the silk sleep mask that travels with me.

Sunscreen. Even when it’s winter. The sun’s UV rays are present all the time. On a cloudy day, on a hot summer’s day, on a chilly winter’s day. Every day I use a SPF 15 either in my daily moisturiser or in my make up. This is my go-to product by Caudalie – their Vinoperfect Perfect Skin Cream.

Grapefruit. I squeeze a few drops of fresh grapefruit into my moisturiser. Grapefruit is extremely low in fat, rich in vitamin C, and helps support healthy skin and immune system. There is always one in our shopping basket. I top up with WellWoman Inner Cleanse.

Exercise. My mum walks every single day. My dad still runs and rides his bike every day too. I’ve always enjoyed swimming and dancing, but discovered ‘working out’ and fitness when the gym was built at my university. A rowing machine? A cross-trainer? Kick-boxing classes? What were these amazing things before me that made me sweat and feel good and keep me trim? I exercise every single day of my life – be it a walk, run, yoga (every Wednesday), and am easily persuaded to try out anything fitness related. Who invented spin in the pool? Woweeeeee!

The next fitness class I am due to trial is Fit2Drop by Sarah Dineen – her videos are ace.

Michaela Deasy-Smith is the Beauty Editor for online lifestyle magazine Jeunessima.
he next #beautybuzz due out soon. 

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