The busy mama’s meditation guide

Young female meditate in her living room.

I was recently set a challenge by my business coach to incorporate 15 minutes a day of meditation into my life.

That didn’t seem too taxing. Surely this rather super-human, mum on the go can fit 15 minutes of meditating into my day.

HOLD ON, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. 15 minutes. Fifteeeeeen minutes. Where the heck will I find 15 minutes to meditate.

Well, after a few days of trying and failing, here is my Busy Mama Meditation Guide developed by me because I don’t like failing.

Thou shalt move away from distraction
If you are working from home or your office, move completely away from your computer, tablet, magazine… anything that will be distracting. Sit on the floor, on your terrace, in your garden. And do sit, as it takes the weight off everything in your body.

Thou shalt close ones eyes
Close your eyes and relax. Don’t slump as you’ll just end up uncomfortable and remember to keep your core engaged as you can work in a mini work out too.

Thou shalt stick to the 15 minutes
Yes, 15 minutes. Set a timer. Switch off your phone, or put it on silent. Turn off the television or radio.
But if you need music, download meditation tunes because they’ve been designed to keep your mind calm.

Thou shalt keep persisting
Keep trying. It’s so easy to get distracted or get busy. If I have back to back meetings, I will try and wake up early and meditate before breakfast, or later in the day. There are no rules about when you have to meditate.

Thou shall set an incentive for the meditation incentive
Yes, you read it right. I make myself a soya latte every day, and I won’t have it until I have meditated. So it’s my incentive to find my inner calm, feel refreshed, then make from scratch my soya latte and ENJOY.

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Thou shalt include baby
So, you know I have Little Miss M. And you are wondering where she is when all of this is going on. Well, when she’s not at nursery, she is with me, and I’ve had to include her. It’s very cute. and it doesn’t always work for the entire 15 minutes – more like 15 seconds, but if little one sees you meditating, working out, keeping calm or relaxed, they will follow. It’s been a great activity for the both of us to do together.

And finally…

Thou shall think about absolutely nothing
You don’t think about the past, the present or the future. You just let your mind relax, blank out, and you start to see patterns in the mind and it a beautiful art gallery of the mind.

Meditation is great for the skin, just as much as it if for the mind. Finding time to relax the mind will reduce anxiety and stress, you will have better quality sleep, and your skin will thank you for it.

To discover more about finding your inner calm or the long journey of being as ease in motherhood,
meet Lucinda Button of Mindful Mamas.


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