Florence: Feminism on Fabric

World-renound print designer, Florence Broadhurst had a wonderful eye for colour and detail, whose life was a whirlwind of contradictions, falsities and elegance. Her creative genius produced bold designs produced on wallpaper and fabrics that have stood the test of fashionable times. They could have been made in the 70s, yet remain utterly contemporary.

Florence’s genius is now undergoing a major revival. Her designs are being reprinted in limited editions and to have an original Broadhurst’ is the height of designer chic.

Florence’s untimely and bloody murder remain, to this day, a mystery and has been the source of much speculation and the core of docu-films about her life. So, this rather fabricator of truth, perhaps simply lusting after a life more exciting, beyond being ordinary socialite, and clearly, creative genius. I didn’t study the work of Florence in high school or even at University. It was a few years after that the story of her murder dominated my intrigue, and only upon research discovered a wonderful renaissance of her work.

Florence stood for strength in character, with a staunch business focus and flamboyant lifestyle in a very young Australia at a time of male dominance and working-class values.

One of my go-to design coffee table books is the bold and brave patterns of Florence. You can see the influence of the colours of the Orient, the silks of Persia and bourgeois of Europe.

I own this pattern on a light shade (of all things)



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