Mariella for Atticus & Gilda

The night before a big day has to be about getting as much rest, relaxation and sleep as possible, as well as breathing out all the anxieties.

Well, for Mariella, the La Chic Petite fille, the night before her Christening was exactly that… utterly blissful, thanks in part to Atticus & Gilda.

Their PR team sent us this season’s must-have cute-as-a-button Kitty Kimono with sleep mask. And yes, before you wonder any more, the little one is 3.5 and being Christened or Baptised rather late. It all came about after said Catholic mama (that’s me) was having a guilt trip and asked Atheist papa (eeeek) if we should get M Christened so that ‘God would look after her in Heaven’.

Well, you can imagine how that went down. But we both were in agreement that as we had both been Christened then M should be too, and later on in life she can decide on more religious matters.

So, back to the fashion element of this post.

Atticus & Gilda is Lucy Gaiger and Conchita-Maria Scott who have brought their love of theatre to fashion with their range of cotton and silk blended nightwear for boys and girls. With ruffles, lace, bunting edges, and the colour and elegance of a bygone era with references to the Silver Screen. Also I think the Kimono is a little person’s smoking jacket. Remember those from the theatre?

So, little M was pampered with a bubble bath, and allowed 20 minutes of quiet time before bed wearing the Kimono. We did a little mindful session, Yoga (Little M has created her own (M)oga Moves), before heading to her ‘robot’ bed and soon into slumber with sleep mask. We checked on her hours later and it was still in place.

La ChicFantastique LOVES Atticus & Gilda, and we love them being in touch with us. The clothes are beautiful, very cute and unique. They only have quality finishes, the items wash and iron perfectly, colours do not fade, and their sizing is spot on.

atticus and gilda

Sleepwear designed by Atticus & Gilda
PR Angela Royal PR
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