Millennial Party Planning

An opinion piece…

So much has changed in the party designing world…well, my job description for a start. Once a conference & event coordinator heading into the Millennium, then a party planner, which soon turned into a party designer, and these days I am know as an event producer.

Just as my job title has changed, so have the skills I have needed to develop to keep up with the fashionable party – once exclusive to those with a title, now an object of desire for anyone with a Twitter account and the need to be as social as possible.

My clients don’t just want VIP entrance to a club or a table at a major event. They want an exclusively designed party combining the world of kitsch with popular-glam.

A soon to be 21 year old client has requested a vintage tea party set in a rose garden. Friends and family will be invited to high tea with cupcake towers, strings of garden lights, floral cushions on swinging chairs, large bolster cushions on the grass, picnic blankets and gorgeous fine bone china tea sets. The darling buds of tea roses start to bloom, thick clumps of rosemary and lavender tied with delicate ribbon look stunning at place settings, Moroccan glasses are decorated with slithers of orange & mint ready for cool summer cocktails – usually non-alcoholic, as this is a civilized tea party, and no one can possibly play croquet after a jug of Mojito.

Let’s talk a little more about food and drink. Now more than ever, food and drink play a pivotal and an emotional role in creating amazing memories. Themed food stations, street food, brunch canapes, bowl food – every inch of the table setting, the look and feel and the food is scrutinised and perfectly themed.


Images above taken from the Instagram for Relish Events (@relishevents)

Party-planners – rejoice, as more and more catering companies are understanding the importance of REAL food for events, and offering choice, an understanding of special diets and healthy options for both bespoke and large scale catering.

Then there is creating the right VIBE. Party planning is all about a balancing act of crowd-pleasing formalities at the start of the event, through to the DJ tunes at the after-party. The after-party is where things can get really interesting. Most guests won’t make it to the after-party, so already you are dealing with setting the scene for a small and intimate crowd who will be made to feel very special.

Here are my four top tips for creating the best party atmosphere:
With the right venue – from Moroccan style tents and Tipis you can transport your guests to anywhere in the world. Think global.

Ask your guests to where costumes, and definitely extend the costume theme to your hosts and bar staff, and if possible, a hint of something in the hair for your food service team. Some of my favourite costumes is Marie Antoinette, Steam Punk, and Black Swan with lace masks and fabulous birds in the hair (a take on Swan Lake).

Whenever I book a DJ, I make sure they understand the theme, the crowd, and know what the event is about. I love a blend of DJ with live Saxophonist or drums – such a cool sound. Music is emotive and the more people on the dance floor having a great time, make for wonderful photos. There is nothing better than a live band, and the bigger the better. Ask your band to include a brass section – a sax sounds so great.

All that dancing makes for hungry guests, and there is nothing cooler than serving a midnight feast. Street food with pancakes or brioche and bacon rolls, churos with hot chocolate dipping sauce… I am hungry as I type this.

I plan to write more about planning the perfect event, so keep visiting, or FOLLOW to receive updates from La Petite Aussie direct to your inbox.




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