Getting your digital on: Promoting your event

Bbloggers, Fbloggers, collaborators, and event professionals…
Don’t shy away from embracing the entire digital experience when it comes to promoting your event. It’s time to reach out and tell your story by hosting a great event. But how best to promote it?

It’s a blessing, as far as I’m concerned, that a lot more businesses are embracing social media, understanding that it isn’t going to go away. I am feeling an emoji moment is rather appropriate here. In this fast-paced digital age, how does a brand stand the test of time, and how does the new age of digital add relevance to the event experience without alienating attendees?

make up

NYX Blogger Event, 2015


When it comes to maximising your digital know-how, all you need is confidence. You know your brand, you know your events, and to some degree, you know your audience. Take that same principal and apply it to the event planning process.

You need to invite guests. Engage them with relevant headlines, interesting content, and even an emoji by using Facebook Events, Eventbrite or Linkedin. These platforms offer free event listings, as you never know where your next attendees may be digitally hanging out. This also helps with SEO.

Involve your attendees from the very beginning by asking questions and getting their feedback on such things as their booking experience, what they want to gain by attending, or allowing them to pose a question to facilitators or guests speakers.


I love seeing beautiful imagery used to promote an event. What will please the eye. Instagram, with it’s 150 million users is the place to be to promote your event and your business. A picture is worth a thousand words, and now a picture can speak to millions of people.


Dion Lee Press Event


Meet your new best friend in business… the hashtag. Effective hashtagging will grow your following, which will in turn improve your reach and boost buzz.

Hashtags are also a great way of finding your target audience. You can search for hashtags within the Instagram app, so if you’re looking for people to attended a New York based tech event, consider searching #NYTech or #SiliconAlley.


There’s nothing like creating buzz, especially in the lead up to the event, not only exciting your guests who have pre-registered, but also letting others know what you are creating and potentially getting them to sign up to other events. Ask your event speakers or sponsors to release information via their social media to create intrigue and maximise ticket sales and marketing.


Consider creating a few graphic quotes to inspire your audience. Quote experts who will speak at your event, or who are leaders in the industry. Encourage speakers to repin the quotes to their own boards, or to share them on other social networks. Edit together a Podcast with clips from the speaker, and information about the event and share on social media.


Something really easy to do is create a Tweet specific to your event. You can ask registered guests to click a link from your Eventbrite or Facebook Event or Linkedin page direct to Twitter with hashtags and customised wording already set up.


I’m loving the look of this event. Where do I sign up or how do I register? Especially if there is a goodie bag on offer to those who’ve registered – and I love a goodie bag. Well, I use Eventbrite. Easy to set up, easy to manage. There is a host of information on the Eventbrite site – from how to set ticket prices, to how best to engage with your audience, to ensuring you collect all the necessary data after the event so that you can do it all over again. This link will take you through to the Eventbrite software management site where you can discover an easy to manage system. A host of well-known events and brands are already using this platform.


Take all the necessary information you have collected and use it to make your next event even bigger and better. This is the whole point of our digital world – share and experience everything you can.



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