The Chic Report: Matcha Madness

Scientifically proven to elevate mood, aid weight loss and boost metabolism, it’s no wonder health fanatics and celebrities alike have flocked to trade in the builder’s blend for this cup of glory. In particular, Teasan heralds itself as producing the highest grade of Japanese Matcha by using only the top 2-3 shoots of green tea to produce the ‘most luxurious tasting matcha in the UK’. As a result this baby doesn’t come cheap; however with only a tiny amount of powder required to make a glass, there is potential to make over 40 mugs of pure antioxidant goodness – surely a price worth paying for your health, no?

Add to your porridge, whip up a Matcha latte, and spinkle on salads.

Image taken from @MatchaMaiden on Instagram



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